CNBC Africa

CMA is the exclusive financial advisor for the setting up of CNBC Africa. CMA provided end-to-end corporate finance services for this project to include but not limited to the feasibility study, bidding for the broadcast license, franchise negotiations and capital raising. The Vice Chairman of CMA serves as Vice Chairman and Project Director of CNBC Africa.

Murdoch University

CMA is the exclusive investment banker to Global Institute Middle East Limited for the setting up off a university in Dubai in a joint venture agreement with Murdoch University. CMA is providing complete end-to-end corporate finance services for this project from raising capital to implementation.

Golf Channel

CMA is the exclusive Investment Banker for Sports Media Group for the setting up of a Golf Channel in the Middle East and subcontinent under the franchise agreement with an international brand. CMA is providing end-to-end corporate finance services for this project.

CNBC Pakistan

CMA is the exclusive advisor to the founders of CNBC Pakistan. CMA provided end-to-end corporate finance services for this project to include but not limited to the feasibility study, bidding for the broadcast license, franchise negotiations and capital raising.

CNBC Arabia

The management of CMA were strategic advisors to the Chairman of CNBC Arabia. The management has been involved with establishing the corporate structure, sales and marketing strategy and helped the channel to secure distribution platforms in the Middle East.

Elan Media

CMA was retained to conduct a feasibility study for the consolidation of media assets in Qatar into a single entity. Based on CMA’s report a Corporation has been formed and the business plan is being implemented.

Ihlas Media

CMA was retained by Ihlas holding from Turkey in 2004 to carry out an assessment of the media industry specifically relating to the launch of a Pan Arab Satellite Television channel. In 2005 CMA prepared a business plan for the channel and provided strategic advisory services to the Client regard different aspects of the business. The project is currently under implementation.

DIMCC Satellite Channel

The managers of CMA assisted Dubai International Media and Communications Company (DIMCC), while working with CEA/CDC, to develop a comprehensive Business Plan for launching a new Pan-Arab satellite television channel in the Middle East. HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum owns the company.

Through detailed proprietary research carried out in 16 countries throughout the region and a focused analysis of financial drivers, the managers of CMA provided the client with a comprehensive business plan and financial analysis. The channel had clear objectives including non-commercial objectives to show case Dubai and the business plan evaluated the channel strategy, programming & content, sales and marketing, technical overview and a very comprehensive evaluation of the advertising spend in the region. The business plan was presented to Sheikh Mohammed in March 1999.

Pan-Arab Home Shopping Channel

The managers of CMA completed a Feasibility Study for a regional home shopping satellite-delivered television channel, while working with CEA/CDC. This study included an analysis of commissioned market research as well as the examination of critical components of the television service including programming, products, the telephone ordering process and technology, order fulfillment requirements, payment procedures, marketing, distribution (via satellite and terrestrial) and uplink/downlink location. The Managers were subsequently hired for establishing the joint venture with QVC. The clients were a Kuwaiti consortium including Sayer Enterprises and the Yousuf Ibrahim Alghanim group

Television Content Redistribution

The managers of CMA have carried out a detailed feasibility study for setting up a content and program redistribution company in the Middle East. The study evaluated the content in the region and the shortfall in good quality content and the reliance by Middle East broadcasters on content from the West.

Media Fund

The managers of CMA carried out a detailed evaluation for setting up a media fund to support the production industry in the Middle East. The fund was planned under the auspices of HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum to support the media city.

Strategic Plan for Arabsat

The managers of CMA, while working with CEA/CDC, were retained by Arabsat to evaluate the Middle East market for current and future broadcast trends and to assist Arabsat in better understanding the market impact of its impending migration from C-band to Ku-band satellite services across the region. Through primary research carried out in the GCC, Levant and North Africa, the managers of CMA, assisted Arabsat in ascertaining the response to its planned service, as well as the impressions of its existing Pan-Arab service.

During the course of this project, the managers worked closely with leading broadcasters serving the Middle East and developed critical insight into their short and medium term strategies, particularly relating to technology and distribution in the Middle East.

Cable TV Venture, Oman

CMA’s managers in a consortium representing CEA, Majid Al Futtaim Group and Ominvest conducted a preliminary research study for a MMDS cable TV business in Oman. The intent was to fund and manage a cable TV business in Oman for which a techno-commercial study was carried out. The project was eventually abandoned owing to delays in approval and licensing by the government of Oman.

Data Network Joint Venture , Beirut, Lebanon

Solidere holds an exclusive license for the provision of data and video broadband services to all tenants within the Solidere concession area located in central Beirut. The managers of CMA, while with CEA/CDC, had conducted all the business and technical studies associated with the proposed broadband network using internal as well as external resources.

The Solidere broadband network was to deliver video (cable TV) and data services to the tenants of the Solidere concession area, including private companies, local and international banks, government offices and agencies, international inter-governmental agencies, hotels and private residential units. This broadband network was planned to be the first privately owned and operated broadband network serving a major metropolitan area in the Middle East

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