Forbes Africa

Forbes Africa is a magazine dedicated to understanding Africa’s capitalists and their tools. While the continent is positioned for growth and prosperity, these opportunities are also met with complex challenges. Forbes Africa aims to inform readers on the current trends shaping the African continent and is the ultimate surveyor of money and power, providing an all-round view on business in Africa. Forbes Africa is the continent’s first-ever truly international business publication localised for the African executive, with distribution in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya.

CNBC Africa

CNBC Africa is the continent’s first and only 24 hour international business channel. It delivers real-time information and insightful analysis about global business and Africa’s financial markets – with regular updates from CNBC Asia, Europe and the US.

The channel offers unique global insights – from an African perspective.

CNBC Africa features news and current affairs programming with regular updates throughout the day. Political perspectives that shape African business, lifestyle programmes, interactive talk shows as well as a closer look at Africa’s personalities. These are just some of the many highlights on Africa’s premier business channel.

SPW Management Consulting SPW is a Management and Technology Consulting Organization that was formed in 1991 to make its clients globally competitive. Through the experience of its Chairman and Management Team, SPW has a comprehensive understanding of the operations of companies across diverse sectors and provides value added services to prepare its clients to face the challenges of a global economy for survival and growth.
Murdoch University Dubai

Murdoch University International Study Centre Dubai was established in 2008 as a core branch of Murdoch University which is based in Perth, Western Australia. The Murdoch Dubai campus is situated at Dubai International Academic City.

Providing state-of-the-art facilities, excellent student-staff ratios, outstanding student support services and world class technology, students are equipped with real-life skills and have access to the highest education standards globally. Logo ABN Digital is a division of ABN Media Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pan Africa Business Media Holdings (PABMH), the company which established CNBC Africa, the continent’s first and only pan-African real-time financial and business television network. ABN Digital aims to create an online platform for the business, markets and financial story of Africa.
ABN 360 ABN 360 offers a holistic approach to telling Africa’s business story – first. With much-esteemed international brands such as CNBC Africa and Forbes Africa providing a broadcast and print platform respectively, the ABN 360 conglomerate also offers resources to organize world-class events across the African continent, through ABN Productions. The recently-launched ABN Training Institute boasts state-of-the-art facilities to provide media training among many other courses, while ABN Digital is the company’s online presence for your up-to-date business and markets news. Through its sub-brands, ABN 360 aims to be Africa’s leading aggregator and distributor of business and economic news.
ABN Training Institue In today’s challenging business world, it is imperative for business associates and industry professionals at large to have full know ledge and understanding of how to effectively engage with all media platforms, as they are pivotal in bridging the communication divide with their target market / audience. It is for this reason, that the Corporate Media Training Course has been established by ABN Training Institute, with the aim of advancing communication skills of both, corporate and business professionals across all levels of management. Starting from CEO’S, management and any other decision makers, the single minded objective is to assist them to effectively use the various media facets, such as live broadcasts, radio and print, as they are an integral part of their day-to-day business dealings. Therefore it’s crucial for all relevant professionals, to be fully equipped to handle all media platforms in order to achieve their desired outcome with their respective target markets.
Tech One Global Through broadcast partner CNBC Africa and print partner Forbes Africa, ABN Productions provides clients with holistic, value-added services, structuring events with broadcast and publishing potential in mind. Events are geared to inform, educate, engage and entertain while providing a platform that showcases clients’ brands, products and services through the media.
Tech One Global Tech One Global, is a dedicated value-added software and services company which is a partner of Microsoft and Adobe. Tech One Global reach-out through an extensive partner community/ network to support its key business lines and continuously provide services, trainings and educational value to the market. Tech One Global is a distributor in Sri Lanka, Brunei, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives and more recently the Philippines.
Tech One Global

Ananya Farms is the family’s latest investment in eco-tourism in the Philippines. Built over 30 acres, the project is to be a world class spa with approximately twenty 5-star chalets.

bg-logo Lancaster University Ghana The first British branch campus in Ghana will allow students across Africa to access Lancaster’s academic excellence in teaching and research on the African continent. Approved by Ghana’s National Accreditation Board. LUG was launched in 2014.

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