One thought on “Investment Holdings

  1. To who it may concern Good day,
    Before hand, Please allow me to introduce GOITEL Services & General Trading
    We are seeking for a HYDROELECTRIC POWER GENERATING SYSTEM project financing solution.
    We are a Angolan based private company that owns a land with a River passing through, where we want to Install a modular Container installed Hydroelectric plants to Generate Electricity with capacity ranging from 1.5 MW to 2.5 MW which can be scaled to 15MW and has been managing a small MAIZE MILL Industry for the past 2 years. The company is at the point where we have took the decision to a sufficient foundation for further expansion. The company operates with the private sector General trading service market that has shown tremendous growth over the last year. Goitel has developed a highly attractive business concept of a construction system for delivering models that parent value for the Housing, Hotel, Tourism and education and development of people’s social conditions if we can generate energy.
    After we have our unity financed then we can work with other companies to implement more the similar projects all around the country where there is a big need of it.
    Should you be interested in more details on the proposal we would like to engage with you in person allowing us the opportunity to present you with our vision for the Group that we work with. This would include the full proposal document as well as all the accompanying information and other relevant documentation.
    We are excited about the opportunities that this expansion will offer. Please revert if you would like us to share all the detailed info and proposal with you.
    Angolan number: 00244 926 259100
    German Cell: 0049 152 14914032
    (I am in Europe during this days will be for the next ten days)
    Kind Regards from

    Amaro Jeremias

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