Saloni Wahi, Director – Corporate Affairs
Saloni Wahi, Director – Corporate Affairs

Saloni Wahi has been on the Board of CMA since its inception in 2002 overseeing all corporate affairs including investment structures and legal agreements. She has also been involved with transnational and corporate finance activities of the firm since 2002.

Mrs. Wahi has worked on several media advisory projects including but not limited to the setting up of televisions and radio stations, Internet and Broadband service companies, publishing companies and media sales organizations.

In her current role, Mrs. Wahi is responsible for the investment management of the family portfolio particularly the post-investment follow-up as well as all personal investments of the Wahi family.

She also looks after all CSR activities as giving back to Societies, is an important initiative for the Group.  ABN Education Trust, set up in South Africa to look after orphaned children in Johannesburg and the Shobhana Wahi Education Scholarship Trust in Dehra Dun India are some of such initiatives, being spearheaded by her.

Mrs. Wahi serves on the Board of CMA, CMA Investment Holdings and SP Wahi Management and Technology Consultants Pvt Limited, overseeing coordination for the Group between Dubai, New Delhi, and Johannesburg.

Mrs. Wahi earned her BCom degree from the Prestigious Lady Sri Ram College in New Delhi, India. In her spare time, she is an avid golfer.

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